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Psychological Evaluation and Assessment

Psychological Evaluations and Assessments refer to the process of gathering information about the client with the use of different evaluation tools, with the goal of gaining clarity about the client, determining if the client covers a diagnosis criteria, and / or developing an intervention plan.

There are different types of assessments:

  • Cognitive Assessment:

       To determine cognitive functioning in different areas (verbal comprehension, processing speed,  memory, etc.).

  • Neuropsychological Assessment:

       To determine executive functioning, processing skills, motor skills, etc. ​

  •  Academic Assessment:

       To revise for functioning in diverse areas of academic skills (writing, reading, math, etc.). Only for school aged children.

  • Diagnostic Assessment:

       Specifically aimed to revise for diagnostic criteria. Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Mood Disorders, etc.

Assessments usually include diverse sources of information, both subjective (questionnaires, interviews, and observations), and objective (standardized tests). For children, this usually includes gathering information from school and teachers too.

All Evaluations and Assessment plans are personalized for each case.

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