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Clinical Psychology services in Tokyo with a Multicultural approach
Therapy and Counseling

We offer therapy and counseling services for children, teenagers, and adults, in three languages: English, Spanish, and Japanese. Our services are based on evidence-based therapy methods, with a special emphasis on supporting neurodiversity. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable space for our clients to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Parent Orientations

Parent Orientation sessions are based in psychoeducational strategies  that parents can  apply at home to support their children's mental health.

These sessions emphasize neurodivergence while also taking into account a variety of cultural needs and experiences. Parent Orientation sessions are helpful to support the family as a whole through work with parents.

Psychological Testing and Assessment

We provide psychological testing and assessment services for children, teenagers, and adults.

Our assessments include cognitive tests, neuropsychological tests, and emotional functioning, as well as academic performance assessment for school-aged children.

We also provide diagnostic assessments for ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Processing Disorders, and more, all based on English materials.

Workshops and Conferences

We create and present workshops and conferences on a variety of Mental Health related topics for teachers, parents, students and organizations.

The Workshops and Conferences are tailored to the specific population, to ensure the information will be relevant and helpful.

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

Being in a Multicultural context, our approach is based in clear and open communication. We protect and take care of aspects such as Confidentiality, Informed Consent, and Ethics. 

The therapy and assessment approaches are based on evidence, which means we will use the strategies that are based in clinical research.

About Komorebi

Komorebi (木漏れ日) is a word in Japanese that refers to the scene of sunlight filtering through the leaves of a tree. 

Komorebi Psychology has as a goal to support all clients so, in a similar way, they can gain more clarity about themselves and learn strategies to support their daily life.

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